How To Wear Tulle Socks

Tulle socks, crystal socks, sheer or transparent – whatever you like to call these delicate accessories, there’s an art to wearing them. First of all – show off these cuties. Don’t be shy and wear them quietly under trousers – you have to get them out where everyone can see them. So pair them with a skirt, shorts or pants that end way above the ankle and sashay around town in style.  

What Shoes Do You Wear With Sheer Socks?

When it comes to footwear, you can mix things up. Crystal socks create a fierce look when put with stilettoes – the sharper, the better. But then add a chunky sweater or ripped jeans to contrast the whole outfit.

Sneakers worn with a dress is a strong fashion look right now and it  will take you from work, to a lunch date to a night out. Add a pair of tulle socks and you make the outfit something special. Skater shoes work just as well, or ballet flats create an indie flair.

Low ankle boots and sheer socks look incredible together and can be paired with shorts, a mini skirt or rolled-up jeans. It’s a great look for the cooler months, but you can rock this style at any time of year if you do it with confidence.

Can I Wear Crystal Socks To Black Tie Events?

Transparent socks can be worn to a posh night out if you have to dress up to the nines. Maybe you’ve received an invite to a charity dinner or an awards evening, but you want to add your own spin on things. Just be pulling on a pair of sheer socks with your ball gown, you’ll separate your look from the crowd. It shows everyone that you are an individual, and you want to push things to the max. It’s like mixing leather with lace – complete contrasts are always in style.

What Are Tulle Socks Like To Wear?

These socks are as comfy as pantyhose to wear on your feet – they are more stretchy than they look. With toes, heels and tops in a fine knit fabric, they are strong and will resist snags and tears. Created from a sheer fabric, they are not bulky inside your shoes and they add a small amount of warmth to your feet. And with so many different ways to show off your transparent socks, it’s easy to give yourself a signature look this others will envy.

Can You Wash Sheer Socks?

Although they are fine-knit and look super dainty, they are actually quite robust and wash well. Stick them in the laundry with your other socks – they don’t need any special treatment just keep them away from Velcro or spikes and you’ll be fine. They dry up really quickly and are best air dried rather than in a machine. They are as comfy as pantyhose to wear on your feet, and toes and heels are slightly thicker to keep them perfectly in place.

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