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What Does Your Tie Say About You?

The tie you choose to wear says a lot about you. Of course, you might change your tie color to suit an occasion, but take a look at your collection as a whole. What color is dominant? Which shade have you tended to go for more often? The one you are drawn to is very revealing about your personality.

Green Ties

If green is your go-to color, you ooze calming reassurance. Guys who opt for green ties have a restful aura, one of quiet confidence that puts others at ease. It’s a color choice that is non-confrontational but comes from a position of strength.

Blue Ties

A blue tie is a popular choice and it is worn by men who are solid, confident and reliable. It is a conservative color that is not too wild or controversial – it could be considered a safe option. When paired with a grey suit, it can give a cold, stand offish look.

Red Ties

Red is a bold color to choose. It portrays power and assertiveness – the guy who opts for a red tie is confident and knows what he wants. This shade will get you noticed for all the right reasons. In some situations it could make you appear aggressive, so be prepared to swap this color out if the occasion warrants it.

Purple Ties

If you find your wardrobe is heavy with purple, violets and lavenders, then you have a spiritual side. You are aware of people’s feelings and in tune with those around you. Purple gives guys the appearance of openness and the willing to listen and learn.

Yellow Ties

Anyone who reaches for yellow more often is cheerful and friendly. They have a creative side and are open to new experiences. Usually, these guys have lots of energy and bounce into action whenever it’s required.

Grey Ties

A smart, grey tie is worn by a wise gentleman. The guy who prefers to wear grey is efficient and gets straight to the point. He could also be described as safe and dependable, not a person who tries something different without a good reason.

Pink Ties

Wearing a pink tie can give you a youthful appearance. This shade means you are not shy and like to make a bold choice when it comes to accessories. But, it can make you look immature, so where it with care. Perhaps add sold, strong cuff links to balance things out a little.

Orange Ties

Go for orange and you like to be a bit different. You don't want to follow the crowd and prefer to create a few waves. Orange is also a warm shade, welcoming and friendly.

Ties that have lots of crazy colors, or a quirky designs that include tuna fish, peacocks and snails means you have a great sense of humor. Life is too short for to be serious – show the world you are witty, relaxed and lots of fun to be around.



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