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Bow Ties and When to Wear Them

Bow ties come in different styles and colors, but when do you wear them and what should you wear them with? There are rules for some occasions, but most of the time you can wear a bow tie with almost any outfit.

White Tie

If you get an invitation to a white tie event, there are some strict rules to follow. White tie is reserved for the most formal occasions and it will mean the event is extremely special. The bow tie must be white and it will be one you have to tie yourself so make sure you have a few practices before the big night. The jacket to wear will be black and have tails, and a white vest will be part of the ensemble.

Black Tie

If you are asked to wear black tie to an event, you should respect the host and buy or hire a tuxedo.  A lot of effort will have gone into a black tie evening, so it's bad manners to turn up improperly dressed. Tuxes come in a few different cuts so you can get something that suits your style and shape. Bow ties can be wide or slim, and made of silk, velvet or wool, so your personality can still shine through.

Colorful Bow Ties

Wear a bow tie with a splash of color to show your sense of humor. They look smart with a formal suit and can be worn with or without a vest. Fun bow ties are a great choice for a wedding outfit and they add some personality to the day. Children look really cute in a bow tie and suspender combination at a wedding, they will almost steal the show dressed in these accessories.

If you have the kind of career that permits it, bow ties look great in the work place. Perhaps go for the slimmer styles so you are more comfortable during the day. You can wear a bow tie with a woollen vest or sweater, and with long sleeved shirts or short sleeves – they are very flexible.

Bow ties work well with a tweed jacket and a checked shirt to create a country gentlemen style. It looks best if the bow ties are woollen to complement the texture of tweed.

With so many different ways to wear a bow tie, you have the perfect excuse for adding a new design to your collection.

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